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Dress For Success

Interviews are often your first opportunity to make an impression and get the job. How you dress is incredibly important. Your interviewer will make a snap judgment based on how you’re dressed so you want the outside of you to be as fantastic as the inside.

Here are three tips to dress for success for your next interview.

1. Dress for the role.

If you’re interviewing for a fashion or a creative position then you can step outside of the traditional suit. And if you’re dressing for a non-managerial role then you may be able to go without the suit coat – a pair of slacks, a button up shirt and a tie are likely acceptable. However, it’s always a good idea, if you’re undecided to overdress for your interview rather than under dress. A suit will always look better than jeans.

Traditional interview wear includes suit pants or a skirt in a neutral color, a button down blouse or shirt, a tie if you’re a male, and a suit coat.

2. Remove your body art.

Body art like tattoos, piercings and other items are how people express themselves. Many companies understand this and it may be appropriate to wear once you have the job. However, when you’re interviewing for a job you don’t want to give an unprofessional first impression. Remove your piercings and cover your tattoos if possible. That is unless you’re applying for a position at a tattoo shop. It may also be a good idea to review the company policy on body art so if you do get the job, you show up for work dressed appropriately.

3. Personal Hygiene

Always take the time to shower, shave and present yourself to the interviewer at your personal best. Clean nails, brushed teeth and hair and clean clothes are imperative. It’s also important to make sure you don’t have any body odor. Skip the perfume and cologne as well. Or if you must wear it, use it sparingly. Some people are sensitive to fragrances and too much can make them feel ill. Certainly not what you want them to remember you for.

Less is more when you’re wearing jewelry, makeup or doing your hair too. You want to look, clean, groomed and professional for your job interview. Save the personal expression for other times.

Looking your best and dressing for success helps you position yourself positively in your interviewer’s mind. Make sure your first impression represents you in the best light. To your success! Visit our Services to see how we can help you land a job.

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